hi i'm sarah,18 as of january, from CT~

this is mainly cute girls, dyed hair, tatts, text posts and scenery

-follow me and i'll check out your blog and follow back if i like it c:

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 Distant Light  by Andre Kleynhans
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why you're on tumblr, by zodiac
aquarius: no friends
capricorn: afraid of sunlight
pisces: too big of a weaboo
aries: too oppressed to go outside
taurus: allergic to fresh air
gemini: too lazy to move
cancer: completely forgotten how to move
leo: can't find the login button for life
virgo: tumblr took your soul
scorpio: in a committed relationship with your computer
libra: reality-phobic
sagittarius: fallen and can't get up
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Beautiful curls
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I’m a bit damp, yay for English weather